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From farm produce to food kitchens - An opportunity that was only waiting to happen

It was very short road for Sreevatsa to morph its food production to food processing and retail. What started as a central kitchen to cater to its patrons at Sreevatsa Global Village soon emerged as an opportunity to tap the large IT & Industrial Corridor that this project is located in, apart from schools and colleges, who are now outsourcing their canteen supplies to such commercial kitchens.

A state-of-the-art kitchen capable of food preparation for 10000 Pax makes this purely vegetarian food kitchen an attraction to even walk in retail customers for whom a restaurant operates from the forecourt.

An event quadrangle and hall also makes it attractive for small parties to be organized at 'The Lunchbox' premises ensuring that the parties boast of a sumptuous spread.

'The Lunchbox' delivers food both unit-packed as well as in bulk containers based on client requirements and is emerging as a strong and dependable partner to such patrons.

Much of quick success as a quality food vendor comes from the strength Sreevatsa has built over the years as a credible, quality conscious, transparent and ethical enterprise that places customer delight at the top of the list of deliverables in any venture it undertakes. And when it comes to food, patrons tend to be doubly delighted because of the strict adherence to standards and quality that is ingrained in its culture and the compassion for 'goodness' that Sreevatsa has pursued in its organic vertical. Though not necessarily organic food 'The Lunchbox' spread comes with the expertise of Sreevatsa line managers in their ability to pick the right qualities of ingredients from market stock.

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